About ME

Connections with people

Connections with places

The smell of fish and chips takes me back to a weekend in Whitby. Connections are made across time and space.

I own the sewing boxes of all the women past in my family, reusing their tools and materials in my work. I connect to them in my heart through my hands.

I have been fortunate in all the creative subjects that I have been exposed to, particularly within textiles. I combine them with ease in the creation of my work, in rich layers of complexity that connect in their whole.

My M.E. makes me treasure the occasions I have meeting people and visiting places. I record these in my work. My family and friends bring me shells and pebbles from their travels and we connect with love. 

I chant “nam-myoho-range-kyo”, practicing the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. I believe in the invisible connections between us all, linking into them with my chanting to be my most creative and create value with my life.

Connections are made in a moment and last forever.